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When should you build, and when should you buy?
Consulting Services
As a leader in Web and Software Development, Phase2 can help through the entire software lifecycle including market requirements, technology review, architecture, project management, product development, quality assurance, training, and maintenance.

Let us help you in your next web project, or IT initiative.

Integrating .NET and Java Platforms - The promise of .NET is integration with other platforms.  How is this done?  What are the pitfalls?

Extreme Programming -  Is this programming on the edge of disaster as the name seems to imply?  Or is this the right way to program, embracing well tested techniques, and just has a "cool" name?

Search Engines, understanding how they work
- In this white paper, Bill Spencer takes us into the guts of a search engine, exposing how it gets accurate search results.

Training Center

Phase2 offers training in core software technologies and processes that are oriented toward making software implementations more effective.  Our programs go well beyond normal certified tracks and we emphasize cross-platform strategies. Our focus is increasing your competency and productivity.

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