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Bill Spencer, President

Bill Spencer is widely recognized for his technology leadership and entrepreneurship.  Over the past two decades,  he has become known for his thoughtful ability to craft solutions to technical and business problems while providing inspirational leadership to development teams.

Bill has been the author or co-author of a number of software products that have been the cornerstone of their respective companies, including IntellectExchange, QFS, Primus, and VenturCom.  Bill helped establish the IETF working committee for the calendaring and scheduling protocol standard.  He has consulted for a number of Fortune 100 companies on their software and Internet technology directions.  Mr. Spencer has also appeared on radio and TV discussing software and Internet technology.

Dr. Spencer received his Ph.D. from M.I.T. in 1982.

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Mark M. Smith, Vice-President Technology
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Mark Smith is an established software architect with an enviable track record of accomplishment.   Mark has deep experience managing all elements of the software lifecycle, with a proven ability to coordinate multiple product development and support. 

Mark has more than a decade of experience architecting and assisting the implementation and deployment of high volume, high profile web sites working with clients such as BBN and Genuity.  Mark has been a key member of development teams for software development firms such as QFS, Filenet, and Venturecom.  He has consulted extensively for Fortune 100 companies on their software architecture and Internet technology approach.

Mr. Smith received his Bachelors of Arts degree from Williams College in 1986.

Jeff Howard,  Vice-President Operations

Jeff Howard is a senior manager with extensive experience delivering results for technology-oriented companies.  A consummate project manager with a zest for quality delivery, Mr. Howard has over a decade of consulting experience in financial services, telecommunications, and consumer products.  

Jeff’s has played principal management roles in a variety of firms in software development, including Perimeter Technology and Summa Four.  As his career turned to consulting in the early 1990s, Jeff joined Call Center Enterprises first as VP, Operations and later as a partner.  This groundbreaking contact center consultancy was acquired first by Quintus (1997) and later by Answerthink (1999) for its leadership in the customer service automation arena.   Throughout the decade, Jeff has directly assisted major end-user clients toward finding solutions to their customer service automation challenges.

Mr. Howard received his Masters in Business Administration from New Hampshire College in 1987.


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