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When should you build, and when should you buy?
Since 1988,Phase2 has been setting a standard of excellence for software development, design, and architecture.  With a focus on large-scale enterprise architecture, networked applications, and the Internet, Phase2 has repeatedly succeeded where others have failed. With a focus on how to make emerging technologies work for you, Phase2 has led the way with Java applications, Enterprise Java Beans, Web Automation, Search technologies,  and Enterprise Application Integration.  

Phase2 has developed full scale commercial software products for clients, and integrated multiple complex back-end host systems into friendly easy-to-use web applications.  Phase2 employees have sat on committees designing the protocol standards for the Internet, reviewed the development work of other vendors, and provided technical advice to CEO's doing due diligence on prospective partners and acquisitions.

At Phase2 we are proud of our accomplishments, and want to put our experience to work for you.

We are a Powerful, Experienced Team
Understanding the Business Needs of Software
We Understand the Business Need of Software The web and new technologies such as wireless, optical networks, and XML are transforming whole industries.  Phase2 has long recognized that it is not technology alone that improves your ability to do business. We can help you sort through the tidal wave of buzz words and hype, and help you move your business to the "future-net" in the way that is right for you. At Phase2, we put your business first.
We Have the Skills You Need,When You Need Them
We work to solve your problems by applying the proper skill sets against tasks to be done. Most internet projects require web architects, application designers, graphics designers, network specialists, special expertise in certain third party applications, server-side programmers, and quality assurance. We recognize that different skills are used at different times during a project, and only apply those skills when and where they are needed. Our goal is a reliable, efficient implementation of your project. 
We Have the Skills You Need. When You Need Them

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