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European BankEuropean Bank
Problem: The bank had multiple call centers with 200+ agents using 3270 terminals and an application based on an IBM mainframe.They wanted to replace this with an Intranet based system with a state of the art customer care application which provided traditional banking services, and maintained records of customer contacts.A more limited version of the system was needed to provide on-line banking to customers with Internet access.
Solution: Phase2 teamed with 3 other consultant groups located throughout the US and Europe to provide an Intranet based system with a Netscape browser desktop with java applets for the call center agents.The system required interfacing with Computer Telephony software, IBM MQ Series which accessed the mainframe application, and SQL databases.CORBA was used for communication among servers.Load balancing among servers, redundant servers, and auto-recovery software was used to guarantee 100% up-time, and consistent throughput for the average load of12 web pages/ second.

Client Quote: The following quote is from an e-mail the bank director sent just shortly after the system went live:

We [went live] last Monday.We have a wonderful application, better than I had ever anticipated: full integration with Genesys, screen-pop, voice and data transfer, browser desktop with keyboard navigation, business object model, contingency database, multiple network support, even VRS playing expected waiting time in queue, ... I think the only piece missing is voice recognition. The framework that Bill Spencer [from Phase2 Software] designed proved very, very good. -- Bank Director
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