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When should you build, and when should you buy?

At the center of Phase2's business is a software engineering team well versed in product development for software applications. This technical knowledge is applied, along with the necessary vertical market business acumen, to deliver strategic solutions to you, providing you the competitive edge you need.
Strategy Strategy
Your Internet strategy is critical to the future of your company. Use our knowledge of the limitations and capabilities of Internet technology, players in the marketplace, and development practices to help you make the critical decisions that will impact your company for years to come. 
Architecture Architecture
Your web architecture is actually three architectures in one: the application architecture, a system architecture, and a network architecture. Our web architects can help you design an Internet application that works, on database and hardware systems that are reliable and scaleable, and delivered on a network with the proper bandwidth and security. 
Understanding  your business, and the role of the Internet are essential to any successful project. Our experience and business analysis skills can help you set the foundation for what will be accomplished in a project. We can also help in identifying key technical components, and develop requirement specifications for vendor proposals to get you the right equipment and software.   
Use our staff of highly experienced and successful development managers to assist your development team leaders in planning and managing a successful Internet or Intranet project. Experienced in cost estimating, scheduling, and the application of resources, we can help you keep your project on track, on budget, and productive.   
Engineers that fit your requirements are essential to a successful project. Phase2 has on staff a number of highly qualified Internet engineers, as well as a network of contacts throughout the US which can help you locate the people you need. Phase2 maintains a development shop in Burlington, MA, equipped with state of the art software and hardware. This assures our engineers are knowledgeable in the latest tools, and allows for offsite development.   

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