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When should you build, and when should you buy?

In recent years, Phase2 has developed a number of tools which assist clients in achieving their business objectives.  These tools are part of what we bring to you when you become a client of Phase2.  They are not sold separately.  If they are used as part of a technology solution we create with you, then you will have royalty-free rights to keep them embedded in that technology for whatever business purpose you desire. They will be provided with complete source code.

Relevance Search Engine.  A full featured, high performance, caching search engine, with weighted scoring, versatile stop-word lists, and Porter stemming. A complete SOAP interface allows the system to be accessed using Java, Perl, and .NET.

Dynamic Spider. A multi-headed spider for real-time net access, with easy-to-use configuration files to set up access through password protected sites, SSL, cookie handling, etc.

Resource Pool. A comprehensive set of Java classes for managing access to scarce or expensive resources.  This is the logical extension to concepts such as pooling database connections, or pooling restricted network services.

XML Resource Manager.  A pre-cursor to SOAP servers, this Java based XML server provides remote access to services over a network.  Although the recommended solution is now SOAP, this Manager is still useful for development of SOAP interfaces. 

Bulk Mailer.  A highly flexible e-mail system for rapid transmission of e-mail.  The system has facilities for dynamic field insertion, filtering of email addresses to ignore, and keeping track of undeliverable items.  This system will be provided for legitimate purposes only!  No spammers allowed.

Meta Search.  A real-time system for searching sites with search engines.  Put in a query, select multiple sites to search, and get the results back real-time.




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